January Edition “The Compatriot Campfire”

There is an old story often told to young boys and girls that rings true even today for us full grown Sons of the American Revolution.  Although the author is unknown, the story often takes place in the great Northwest where there lived a Mountain Man and he knew how to get many things done with very little help. He had almost nothing to work with except the raw resources that nature provided him, but this Mountain Man always seemed to overcome every obstacle and accomplished great things.  Whether the task was to build a fire underwater or stop a waterfall from falling, it seemed he could take care of it no matter the difficulty. It was amazing to see the things that he could do when he set his mind to it and in time his reputation became legend.

As a Mountain Man he was seldom seen by others, but on such rare occasions he was always asked how he accomplished so many seemingly impossible things?  After being asked countless times and growing older, he one day decided to share his closely held secret.  He said that a long time ago, he had discovered a magical solution to nearly all challenges that came his way. He said it was all contained in a single, ancient word that held mystical powers.  He said that when one truly understood the meaning of this word, it unleashed immense strength and abilities; it made a mind clearer; it made imagination run wild with ideas.

What was this single, ancient word?

He said in a wise, serious voice “YAGODDAWANNA”.

In order to accomplish anything, whether it is small or big, easy or difficult, trivial or of utmost importance, in order to be successful, you’ve got to want to do it!

To be a good Compatriot, “ya godda wanna” be one. To become a good leader or even a good follower “ya godda wanna”. The main reason we don’t succeed at any undertaking is because we really don’t want to do it. By really wanting something, we invariable come up with a new innovative idea, develop a winning plan, and we invariably accomplish our goal.  As Patrick Henry Chapter Compatriots, we can chose to be the very best at what we chose to be, but it has to be what we want to be.  Together we are strong and our opportunities are limitless.  To build on the ancient word revealed to us above and take it one step further, let’s create our own magical word to insure our success -“WEGODDAWANNA”!

Together we can!

God Bless Texas & the Patrick Henry Chapter

By Compatriot Wayne Courreges