George Washington’s Birthday Luncheon 2015


















On February 21st, the Patrick Henry Chapter with help from the Alexander Hamilton Chapter Texas SAR and participation from  Jacob’s Well, Thankful Hubbard, Andrew Carruthers and the Austin Colony, Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution., celebrated George Washington’s birthday.  Our distinguished guest speaker was Rick Green.  Rick was elected to the Texas Legislature at the age of 27, serving two terms, and currently consults and advises state officials and candidates in various capacities.  Rick’s most important accomplishment during the 77th Legislative Session was bringing together 102 House Republican and Democratic Co-authors to establish ‘Celebrate Freedom Week’, which requires an emphasis on the teaching of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for one week every year.  Other states have recently modeled Rick’s legislation.

Captain Jeff Wise commanded the Color Guard from Alexander Hamilton and Patrick Henry Chapters.

Before lunch Compatriot Peter Flagg Maxson led us in George Washington’s “Silent Toast” as he bade farewell to his officers for the final time.  Compatriot John Knox shared interesting facts about the early American Colonial flags during the luncheon.

A special thanks to Compatriot President Wayne Courreges and Karen Jolly, President of the Capital Area Regents Council, for all the hard work on the program.  It was a Success! And a good time was had by all.


Keyhole to History – Feb 13th




The Keyhole to History program includes 52 approximately one-minute audios relating to events of the American Revolution which were developed by the Sons of the American Revolution.  The audios were prepared by Don Blair, Hope Byrnes, and Ann Corcoran.  Each episode relates historical information from a specific week of the year and all episodes provide historical information about the American Revolution.

The Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution would like to encourage the widespread use of the Keyhole to History audios.  They can be used as part of a morning broadcast in schools, played in the classroom as a learning aid, and made available as a resource in library learning centers.

To obtain a CD with the complete set of Keyhole to History audios, contact:

Ken Tooke, Patrick Henry Chapter Historian