New Awards Page

While at an Estate Sale recently I happened upon a scrapbook from another Hereditary Society that was being sold.  In it were several years of history from that society – pictures, awards, documents, ribbons, basically all of the happenings and notable news from a very dedicated group of people.  The scrapbook was also obviously held in high-esteem as it was very well made and very well cared for, but due to the passing of its owner, a person displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, it was many miles away from a potential chapter member that would know what to do with it.  I left it where I found it, and as walked through the house looking at other items I felt a strong pull to go back and purchase that scrapbook hoping to return it to its former chapter and its rightful owners.

So that the important items documenting our chapter are not lost and with the responsibility of being our chapter’s current Historian, I’m creating a “Chapter Awards” page under “Our Chapter” to hold scanned copies all of our chapter awards and… whatever’s.

Ken Tooke – 03/2015