Patrick Henry Chapter President’s Campfire

As Sons of the American Revolution, we know there is a lot of good in this world, but we are made aware daily of the suffering in this world too.  We watch and listen to the news with the hope that good will triumph over the harmful acts of dangerous individuals.  What we experience instead is the” thorns and roses” of life.  News today travels fast.  Our news media is a business and to remain profitable and viable the news media must gain ratings and therefore market share.  Their focus has to be on retaining and gaining subscribers and/or viewers to do so.  To that end the news media model for survival and growth has evolved over time to be “If it bleeds, it leads!”

As vigilant Compatriots, we know there is more to life than this.  We therefore strive to serve as beacons of light shining on the good around us through service to others pushing back on the darkness of evil.  We may not make the front page of our newspaper nor be the lead story on our nightly news station, but we are making an positive difference in the lives of those we touch.  I think this poem by an unknown author says it best:

All the water in the world,

However hard it tried,

Could never sink the smallest ship

Unless it got inside.

All the evil in the world,

The blackest kind of sin

Could never hurt you one least bit,

Unless you let it in.


Through persistence and determination let us always strive to do what is right and noble to counter the evil around us.  By doing so we will better enjoy the beauty of the roses that surround us instead of being pricked constantly by the thorns of this life.  Our hearts, our minds and our souls will be blessed with serenity as we make a difference in the lives of so many.  God Bless America!