April Edition “The Compatriot Campfire”

America is always looking for a few good leaders!  As Compatriots, we walk the more difficult road of life with loved ones, friends, and acquaintances because we have chosen to do so.  It is sad when we watch those we know and care for take the easier more crowded paths rather than continuing along the less traveled more difficult way that we know to be true.  Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959, poet and writer) illustrates the difference between a leader and the “crowd” in his poem:


The easy roads are crowded,

And the level roads are jammed;

The pleasant little rivers

With the drifting folk are crammed.

But off yonder where it’s rocky,

Where you get a better view,

You will find the ranks are thinning

And the travelers are few.

Where the going’s smooth and pleasant

You will always find the throng,

For the many, more’s the pity,

Seem to like to drift along.

But the steeps that call for courage,

And the task that’s hard to do,

In the end result in glory

For the never-wavering few.

Each new generation naturally seeks a fresh direction and generally views the older generation as being “old- fashioned” and “out-of–touch”.  Modern technology and innovation does make life easier, but the perils along life’s road really do not change much because of it.  For the “drifting folk” there are always choices to distract them with each passing year.  Even for us, imagine living without what we consider the basic comforts of today; electricity, air conditioning, a vehicle for transportation, a cold refrigerator well stocked with food and drink, a television with remote control, smart phones with messaging capabilities, the internet with information and email at our finger tips, a microwave and so many more incredible possibilities on the horizon!  A leader learns to know and use the resources available to their advantage rather than allowing them to become a distraction to lose sight of their way.  The “throng” is not always fortunate we know just from reading and watching the daily news.   As Compatriots we do not follow the path of least resistance because we are made from the right stuff.  We lead the way no matter how steep the hill or rough the terrain because we are “The Few”…….Sons of the American Revolution!


“God Bless America”


Wayne Courreges

Patrick Henry Chapter