Jeff Gammon

jeff and joyceI was born in Dayton, WA in 1947 and stayed there until 1963 when I moved to MN with my Dad.  Graduated from High School in 1965 and attended St Cloud State University.  Spent all my money and enlisted for four years in the U.S. Army.  I trained as a German linguist in the Army Security Agency and stationed in Berlin, Germany.  I returned to MN and attended  the University of Minnesota on the G.I. Bill, graduating in 1976.

Joyce and I were married in 1971 and lived in Minneapolis until I graduated.  We moved to Washington state and purchased a restaurant from my uncle.  After our son was born I went to work as a cook at the state prison in Walla Walla.  That lead to a job in the private sector in prison food service for 10 years.  I was a district manager of the largest district in the company.

We were living in CA and I decided to stop traveling and sell real estate.  Eventually, I finished my teaching credential and began teaching Social Studies and German.  I still hear from many of my former students.  After we retired, we moved to Round Rock, TX.

My Dad died in 2012 and In 2013, our son was tragically killed in a  car accident.  We are still heart-broken and the grief never ends.  Grief is not a sign of weakness, it is the price of love.

My Revolutionary War ancestor was Harris Gammon.  He was born in Pittsylvania County, VA in 1757 and died in Knox County, TN in 1843.  He was a wagon master and fought at Yorktown. His pension number is S 3389.   Recently, I found a picture of his grave site in TN.

jeff gammon pic

Harris Gammon was born in Pittsylvania Co in 1757 to John Brawner Gammon and Mary Dixon.  He married Elizabeth (Bette) Brawner in 1781.  Harris mustered three times in the army: 1.  he enlisted as a private in the militia under Captain Peter Perkins, 2. a second enlistment of three months, and 3 a three month enlistment  under Captain Charles Williams, attached to  Colonel William Dix’s regiment and marched to Yorktown.  Harris was appointed by Captain Williams as the wagonmaster and drove a wagon and team donated by Sylvester Adams.  During the Battle of Yorktown, Pvt Gammon drove the wagon from the James River to Yorktown with ammunition, bombs, and ball.  After the battle, Pvt Gammon hauled baggage as far as Fredricksburg where he was discharged.

In 1796 the Gammon family moved to Knox County, TN. where he farmed .  He and Bette had 11 children.  Bette died in 1826 in Knox County and Harris married Elizabeth Bookout in 1832.  He moved in with his daughter Elizabeth Gammon Cox, wife of James Cox.  Harris died in Dec 1843.

His progeny include doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, adventurers, and veterans of every war the U.S. Fought

Our line:

John B Gammon:            1730 -1807

Harris Gammon           1757 -1843

John Gammon:         1780 – 1848

George Gammon sr:         1806 – 1886

George Gammon jr     1844 – 1929

Drury Gammon      1874 – 1966

Charles Gammon            1919 – 2012

Jeffrey Gammon        1947 –

Charles Alexander Gammon: 1980 – 2013