Jeff Wise


Color Guard Commander

Hello, I’m Jeff Wise and presently residing in Dripping Springs, TX with my wife Sharon.
I’m dad of 4 grown children, a Southern Californian by birth and a resident of TX since 1997. I’ve spent the majority of my life in the high-tech industry of which the past 20 years have been working in various capacities for Microsoft including support engineering, corporate trainer and presently a Service Delivery Manager for our Office 365 product group. I became involved in researching my ancestry around 2000 when I took up the challenge to research my paternal lineage. Originally and presently continuing to discover who my paternal grandfather was, I happened to look in to my father’s maternal lineage and discovered a rich and deep ancestry full of forefathers who settled and tamed this great country of ours and to just scratch the surface of my maternal Sicilian lineage. One never knows who you truly are unless you have a good foundation of where you come from. With this thought in mind, my ancestry work is nowhere near completed and questions continue to remain about who Benjamin Franklin Ransom Wise truly was.

My patriot ancestor, Hugh Rodman, is my 5th great grandfather born 1756 in Northumberland County, PA. Mr. Rodman began his military service as a Revolutionary War soldier in 1778 at the age of 22 serving in the 1st Battalion, 2nd Company of the Northumberland County militia serving under a Col. John Kelly. He became a ranger of the frontier guarding our nation against British and allied Indian incursion from the west and subsequently joined James Thomason’s company according to existing PA archives. He served until approximately 1783 when he was issued public debt IOUs commonly given to our early veterans. Marrying Elizabeth Hearst in 1781 at the age of 25, presided by the Rev John Linn of the Centre Presbyterian Church, the Rodmans continued to live and farm in Shermans Valley, Cumberland, PA, eventually relocating further in to the frontier, first in Shelby, KY and finally to Pottaka Creek, IN where he died in 1815 at 59 years of age.