Christmas Program Highlights

A hearty thank you to all of you who attended our Christmas program this year.  Our special thanks go out to the 2×2 Quartet from Keeling Magnet School: Nick Hammel, Chet Fagerstrom, Allison Lee, and Sage Lee.  Your performance was very entertaining and we hope we can see you perform again soon!  Thanks to Richard Ver Steeg’s “shepherd” story we were reminded the reason for the season as was perfect for this month’s program, and as always, it was good to see many of our Compatriots and families present at our Christmas program.  I’ve got a few pictures taken by our very own Kris Navarro linked below as well as a special treat. I’ve attached a couple of songs performed by the 2×2 Quartet, so click the image and hear a sampling of their wonderful performance.  See you in January!