Color Guard Wows Crowd at The Dell Diamond

I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you who participated in yesterday’s events. The morning parade got us all up exceptionally early but we had a great turnout and it made for an extremely fun time for all.
I also want to take a moment to express admiration to those of you who braved our appearance at last night’s ball game. It was long. It was hard work. It was hot. And it was exceedingly tiring. First, my congratulations to Wayne for his impassioned speech. Accompanied by Mr. John Knox and his absolutely stunning Betsy Ross flag, Wayne renewed our collective conscience as to why our country was founded in the first place. Reading from the appearance of an old fashioned scroll, devised by my wife Sharon the night prior, Wayne was the very image of an 18th century warrior informing the troops of congressional decision to break from the mother-land, England. It was noteworthy and it was moving. Thank you Wayne and John.
I’d also like to especially call out those warriors who braved both the parade as well as the ballgame, an Iron Man test of endurance most assuredly. Robert Hites, John Knox, Wayne Courreges, Emzy Barker, Jim Clements, Henry Shoenfelt. The hearts of lions, each and every one of you.
Lastly, after the ball game, I spoke with one of the Express Crew who work for Steve, their manager and announcer of the game, and began a pitch to make this a yearly event of us. The response was amazing and I wanted to share it with each and every one of you. And I quote, “I am sure that management is already looking at booking you for future events!” You all were that amazing.
Of course, you had to be amazing given my short-tempered and frustratingly high expectations of you. And I do apologize. But, if I may, this appearance was HUGE and you all, each of you, pulled it off with precision. Sharon informed me that the crowd went wild and it had quite the intended effect. To this, you have my profound respect and admiration.
I look forward to serving with you in our upcoming events in September. If you haven’t already, please review the Color Guard Schedule of Events and let me know if you can appear with us. You make this happen and you make it real. Thank you again!
Capt Jeff