Jeff Gammon and OAS

Compatriots and Friends,

Many of you are looking for a way to help our brave men and women in uniform.

Our Chapter has a successful Operation Ancestor Search (OAS) program at Fort Hood helping Wounded Warriors conduct family searches.  There are over 450 Wounded Warriors at Fort Hood and many of them need your help for only a few hours each month.

You don’t need to be a genealogy expert, we can train you how to help these wounded warriors find their families through  We car pool and leave at 8 AM in order to arrive in time to help the Wounded Warriors from 10 AM to Noon.  We stop for lunch at noon and return before 2 PM.  You will leave knowing you made a difference.

Our next scheduled meetings are scheduled for March 20th, April 10th and April 24th.

Operation Ancestor Search provides these following benefits to the Wounded Warriors:

  • Provides a sense of accomplishment, independence and personal fulfillment
  • Establishes a personal connection with possible past relatives, who served in the military
  • Reduces stress
  • Is a social outlet
  • Helps reintegration back into the hometown community

Many Wounded Warriors have a long road to recovery and spend months, if not years recovering from their injuries at military hospitals.  Your help will give these heroic men and women a respite from the constant reminder of their injuries.

Compatriots and Veterans answer the call to serve by contacting Jeff Gammon at 512-861-5782 or .

More info on Operation Ancestor search can be found here: What is Operation Ancestor Search