Uniform Information

For those of you who will be interested in ordering a uniform to participate in the various Color Guard activities, our Color Guard Commander, Jeff Wise has put together a list of items and where they may be purchased.  There were two basic styles of uniform worn by our ancestors, namely the Continental Regular and the Minuteman or Militia uniform.  Needless to say there are many, many options with each, so for the sake of brevity here is a short example of each uniform type.

1777 Continental Regular Uniform

1777 uniformUse this to obtain the look of a 1777 Continental Regular soldier. The Patrick Henry chapter has adopted the blue coat with red-facing lapels, silver button holes with pewter buttons. Complete the look by ordering the white work shirt, black neck-stock (necktie-like cloth), white waistcoat (vest) and white trousers with black shoes.

This costume-version of Jas. Townsend’s military uniform leaves out the lining and pockets and simplifies the design of the coat. The coat is made with 100% Worsted Wool and is relatively inexpensive at $134 when compared with the heavier museum-quality wool version.

Money saver hint: purchase a pair of regular white trousers at a local store such as Target and also a pair of inexpensive black shoes with leather straps at Payless or equivalent. You can then purchase the least expensive shoe buckles at Jas. Townsend and lace the Velcro straps of your shoes through those buckles. No one will notice the difference!


C & D Jarnagin                       http://www.jarnaginco.com/

Gedney Godwin                      http://gggodwin.com/

James Townsend                     http://jas-townsend.com/ or www.townsends.us

Smoke & Fire                          http://www.smoke-fire.com/Default.htm

Smiling Fox Forge                 http://www.smilingfoxforgellc.com/index.asp

American Heritage Clothing    http://www.colonialuniforms.com/

Quartermaster General           http://www.thequartermastergeneral.com/

Village Green Clothier             http://villagegreenclothier.com/welcome.html

Cooperstown Trading Post     http://cooperstowntradingpost.com/

Thread Bare Stitchery             http://threadbarestitchery.com/

Crazy Cow Trading Co.           http://www.crazycrow.com/onlinestore

Avalon Forge                           http://home.comcast.net/~avalonforge/index.html

C&C Sutlery                            http://www.ccsutlery.com/store/ccsutlery.html

Mill Creek Mercantile               http://www.milkcreek.com/shop/

Colonial Williamsburg              https://www.williamsburgmarketplace.com/


Harper House                          http://www.longago.com/

P. Ryan                                    http://jpryan.com/

Rocking Horse Farm               http://rockinghorse-farm.com/

Old Time Patterns                   http://www.oldtimepatterns.com/PP041.html

Burnley & Trobridge               http://www.burnleyandtrowbridge.com/index.aspx


Carolina Calicoes                    http://www.carolinacalicoes.com/

Trim Fabric                              http://www.trimfabric.com/index.html

Wm. Booth Draper                 http://www.wmboothdraper.com/

Fur Hat

F & T Fur Trading Post           http://www.fntpost.com/index.php?page=62

Buttons and other things

Roy and Debra Najecki          http://www.najecki.com/repro/reproindex.html


Veteran Arms                          http://www.veteranarms.com/ReproductionMuzzleloadersandFlintlocks/Veteran-Arms-LLC.html

Middlesex Village Trading       http://www.middlesexvillagetrading.com/

Guns and Swords                   http://www.gunsandswords.com/

The Possible Shop                   http://possibleshop.com/rifle-kit.html

Cash Manufacturing Co.          http://www.tdcmfg.com/about.php

Cherry’s                                    http://www.cherrys.com/ped_prep.htm

Dixie Gun Works                      http://dixiegunworks.com/

Flintlock Sales                          http://www.flintlockrepair.com/

Tack of the Wolf, Inc                 http://www.trackofthewolf.com/index.aspx

Jedediah Starr Trading              http://www.jedediah-starr.com/thumbnail.asp?offset=0&deep=2&cid=44

Cabin Creek Muzzleloading      http://cabincreek.net/

Buffalo Arms                              http://www.buffaloarms.com/default.aspx


American Revolution Org           http://www.americanrevolution.org/clothing/sources.php

Glendale Parade Store               http://www.paradestore.com/index.php/our-products/gloves-scarves.html?p=3

Wooded Hamlet                     http://www.woodedhamlet.com/costume_accessories/claddagh_jewery.htm

1st Virginia, Quartermaster      http://1varegiment.com/quartermaster-2/

Taylor Rose                             http://www.taylor-rosehistorical.com/

Weeping Heart                        http://www.revwarsupplier.com/

Yesteryer                                 http://www.yesteryer.net/

Downing Trading                      http://www.fortdowning.com/