The Color Guard Times

What an exciting and spectacular time it has been for the Patrick Henry SAR. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am over all the effort that has been shown to attend all of our events. And as you’re probably well aware, there is NO better advertisement for the Sons of the American Revolution than our very own Color Guard. Yes, we have great speakers and interesting topics, all while consuming good food. But when the day is done and the folks head home, there is one thing that most everyone will certainly remember is all the soldiers in their 18th century uniforms and tricorned hats, carrying those great big guns and colorful flags. Those soldiers accompanied by unmistakable militia who are allied in the cause. For some of the youngsters in the crowd, I had the pleasure of overhearing one excitedly yank on his mom’s sleeve and pointing over at us exclaiming, “Mom! Mom!  Pirates!”We started our season off with a bang last November when we participated in the Veteran’s Day Parade in down town Austin. The crowds were thick with excitement and people applauded as our guard marched down Congress Avenue toward the state capitol. We were directly behind our Greatest Generation warriors who were comfortably seated on their trailer (and they deserved it.) We were joined by the DAR and the CAR who only added to the wonder of our group and their outfits were perfect. I can’t begin to express the thanks the Guard has for their attendance with us. Say, wouldn’t it be great if, in the future, we carry a large banner proclaiming Sons of the American Revolution in huge letters? Stay tuned because our leader Jim Nelson is hot on that trail.

Later in November and again in May of this year, the Guard participated in Naturalization Ceremonies. What a wonderful event where an auditorium is literally turned in to a judges courtroom. Presided over by Judge Yeakel of the United States District Court, hundreds of new citizens celebrate their many years of hard work to become newly minted citizens of the USA. Your Guard participated in the posting and retirement of the colors as well as posing for hundreds of photos with excited folks and their families.

December of 2013, we closed out with a uniform and musket presentation for the Georgetown Chapter of the SAR. This event was headed up by our own Gen. Washington himself, Marvin Morgan and I, his humble servant. Marvin looked splendid in his museum quality uniform of blue with buff lapels. Although I endeavored to represent the common folks of the era, I’m afraid I may have gussied up a little too much and appeared in my “go to meeting” attire. In any event, the Georgetown folks were very appreciative of the display and presentation and they asked many questions about our muskets, bayonets, powder and ammo. I look forward to many more of these presentations.

Your Guard presented the colors at the George Washington Luncheon at the Austin Women’s Club in February as well as the TX State Cemetery this past May. The musket squad fired their musket salute in memorial to the revolutionary war ancestors buried at the state cemetery as well as put on a show for the crowd after the event was over. The TX State Cemetery event is one of the more publicized events we attend and your troops performed flawlessly and looked great!

Speaking of the 4th and the Spirit of ’76, your Color Guard was able to manage two events on the same day. We again had the honor of kicking off the Allandale 4th of July parade where our own Robert Hites sounded the 5 minute shot with his trusty musket and then the musket guard kicked off the event with our signature loud volley. They looked splended in uniform, muskets and flags. But in a great turn of events, your guard then had the honor of participating in the colors kicking off the Wimberly rodeo that evening.

If you can, I would encourage you to mark your calendars for next year’s rodeo. Jim Nelson, Ray DeVris, myself and Robert Hites had such a fun time with this event. We sat in box seats along with representatives of the DAR as well as our wives and prepared for a fun rodeo. The calf roping, bull riding and watching the youngsters try their best to pull the ribbons off calfs tails or riding their sheep for the longest time made for great fun and laughter. I can’t say I’ve had more rodeo fun. Jim Clements has invited us back again next year and this is an event you cannot miss.

If you haven’t had the chance to think about joining the Color Guard, I strongly encourage you to do so. We have nothing but fun and that’s materially increased with the excitement and encouragement of the crowd. I’m looking forward to our next year’s events and we’ve already been invited back to both the Allendale parade and the Wimberley Rodeo. We’re thinking through the possibility of securing additional coats and hats for those of you who might wish to attend on occasion. Stay tuned for more as we work out the bugs on that idea.Until next time. I remain your humble servant,

Jeff Wise, Capt
Color Guard Commander
Patrick Henry Chapter SAR